The Top Beers In The U.S You Need to Try Once


If you enjoy a tall glass of beer often, then you must try a few of these out. These beers are the top choice for Americans, and who knows, they might be for you too. If you are looking to try something new and change your taste a bit, it is good to try new drinks. Keep reading to find out the top beers famous all across the U.S. 



The top beers in America include 


Bud Light

Bud light has made $5.2 billion from sales in the U.S alone. It is known to be super famous and is served regularly at most bars and clubs. People prefer the beer due to its different taste and flavor. 

Corona Light

Corona light is famous for being the best beer in America. Its lightness makes it super unique and a choice for most people. Corona light is the best choice for people who are looking to consume lesser calories from beers. Although its taste may not be your cup of tea the first time, you may get used to it and end up liking it better than your regular order. 

Miller Lite

Miller Lite is an excellent option for you to try when looking for something with a lesser alcohol percentage. It is also great for people trying to consume fewer calories. The beer is smooth but not overpowering with flavor. It is the perfect light beer for watching a movie or a football game.  

Magic Hat

Magic Hat has been in the industry since 1994 and has ranked super high since. The apricot flavored beer allows you to try something different without actually having to make a bigger change. 


As concluded, these are some of the top beers in the U.S right now. It would help if you tried these out, and you might end up finding a new favorite.