Recipes For Non-Alcoholic Beverages To Serve At Parties


Are you getting tired of serving alcoholic drinks at dinner parties every time? Alcohol can get boring from time to time, and it is always better to try new things. Many people prefer non-alcoholic drinks at parties, and you can serve them now. Keep reading to find out some delicious recipes for some of the best virgin cocktails. 



Here are a few recipes for virgin cocktails to try out now 


Citrus Frizz 

A citrus frizz is a perfect drink to serve at dinner parties and celebrations. It makes up for an excellent non-alcoholic beverage. If you like club soda or sparkling water, try this recipe out. 

Mix in 1.75 oz of Seedlip Grove 42 with .75 oz organic marmalade cordial. Add a bit of Sparkling water on top to finish off. You will end up loving this drink and keep trying it out often. 

Virgin Cucumber Drink

If you are looking for something more refreshing to try out and serve friends, try this drink out. Begin by adding 1.5 oz club soda with 5-6 slices of cucumbers. Then add 1 oz of fresh lime juice into the mix. 

You can also alter how much lime juice you like depending on the tangy flavor. Lastly, add some sugar syrup to even out the lime juice, and voila! You have yourself one of the best virgin cucumber drinks in your house.

Watermelon Margarita 

Another super refreshing drink to have on the go with friends is a virgin watermelon margarita. It’s super delicious and perfect for hot summer nights. Begin by adding a few slices of seedless watermelon into your blender. Then add fresh mint leaves to get that cooling effect. You can add sugar syrup and sparkling water to finish it off. 

Parting Thoughts

If you think you have not been able to find the perfect non-alcoholic beverage for you, try any one of these recipes out, and who knows, you might end up making them your favorite.