The Art Of Mixing Drinks: Odd Alcohol Combinations That Taste Amazing


Have you ever thought of mixing your drinks with something else? It can be intriguing to think you can use something besides rum and coke. Many people have tried and tested a few odd combinations that have seemed to work excellently together. Keep reading if you would like to know what combinations you can make to enjoy your drinks that much more. 



Here are a few techniques for combining alcohol


Yellow Gatorade + UV Blue Vodka

Combining a yellow Gatorade and a glass of UV blue vodka is probably going to be one of the best drinks you try. The taste is pungent yet satisfying and goes perfectly by bringing out each other’s flavors. The closest thing you can make out from the taste of this combo is that of a gummy bear! Your drink will be super smooth, and who knows, you might end up making this your go-to drink. 

Coke + Red Wine 

Coke is still a popular choice for many people who like to combine their drinks to make it smoother or taste better. However, red wine and coke make an awesome combination for a dinner party. Try pouring a cup worth of ice into your drink as well to make it that much better. Although people may think you are insane for trying this, you might end up liking it a lot. It seems odd, but it’s an awesome combo! 

Coconut Rum + Sprite 

Coconut rum and sprite mixed are a drink from heaven. Although it may not sound the nicest, you may as if you are having a holiday cocktail. It may remind you of a vacation in Hawaii. A super refreshing drink and you will end up wanting more. 


Drinking the same cocktail can get boring, especially if you are looking to try out something new. It is good to experience a change in your usual order.